Weatherfax charts from NOAA via e-mail

This is the Surface Analysis chart for the Western Atlantic, today, opened in Graphic Converter and pasted to this page. The chart is very clear and detailed, and in fact is larger than the screen, so reduced here. If you are not using a Mac, I can’t advise on which program you need. But NWS has advice on this on their WEB site. Google what you need. Below is the set up for collecting these charts over the radio. The headphone jack on the radio has a splitter so that I can listen to the signal and also send it to the microphone jack on the iRig. The iRig plugs into the headphone/mic jack on the iPad. You can also use an iPod or iPhone. The app is called HF Weather Fax and available from black cat systems, or from the APP store. SHown is the Mariners Weather Handbook that you need to make Ocean crossings. Also you see a 2M HAM radio which is good for connecting with emergency nets when you are near land. And a Sirius radio controller. A bit messy as I am refitting the boat still.