This was the charting arrangement for the Caribbean adventure. All electronic charts were on the PowerBook which was connected to a GPS device via the serial port. To the right were removable hard drives. Log, depth and GPS displays. A Selsyn compass (top left) and off course computer ($8,058 in todays dollars) tracked my progress and how far I was drifting off my intended course. Of course the GPS replaced it, but I continued to use it for checking heading, and noticing leeway or current drift.

The chart table could hold large paper charts which I carried as a back up in case the Powerbook 1400 CS failed (it never did and still runs today 18 years later.)

The chart table folded up in harbor.

This was a second work station for writing and design. I removed a partition and slid the bunk forward. It was okay in the harbor but the computer too exposed to potential splashes at sea, so I changed the bunk back.

Below, the bookcase was overflowing. I picked up the colorful Gecko in St, Johns USVI. Notice the five storage lockers, the blue one was for clothing.

The view from the writing desk was awesome. This is only a 33 foot boat.

Changes over the years