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Updated Saturday, October 29, 2016

Small compact cameras often produce better pictures than FF DSLRs and FF Mirrorless cameras. An old $100 camera competes well with a $5,000+ camera for images posted on the web. What technical factors make this true? This site explores the factors that make good pictures and how camera design since the year 2000 has made picture taking worse or better. We look at premium compact cameras, mirrorless cameras and DSLRs using Leica lenses. Why Leica lenses? Because they have been recognized by the world’s most famous photographers as the best lenses. Today, Leica lenses cost $2500 - $12,000, but there are many older Leica manual lenses (focus, aperture) than can be found for a few hundred dollars. And several compact cameras by Leica and Lumix since 2002 have Leica glass lenses  - ilike the Summicron.

On this site the Leica Digilux 1 (2002) and the Panasonic DMC-LC5 (2002) we also discuss low cost digital cameras that can make superb pictures. Oother examples are SONY NEX cameras mounted with Leica lenses. As of November 2015, there is no camera that can produce better WEB pictures than these old models. I discuss how this is possible.

Searching the Site:

You can often find details on a particular device or topic by opening a new page and typing into Google search window


followed by the item you want info on.

For example waeshael.com LC5

will take you to more than 10 pages about the LC5 camera.

Here are technical  discussions that apply to all digital photography primarily designed for display in a browser on a computer.

I will often refer to Leicaimages.com  which is a non-commercial site inhabited by many good photographers who tend to favor Leica cameras or Leica lenses.

The index at the top of the page leads to some topics, but there are many more you may stumble upon. I have been a photographer since age 8.

I have designed digital camera systems that cost more than a million dollars, for the medical industry.  My work has been published in medical journals, and appears on the WEB at waeshael.leicaimages.com

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