Fridges consume more power than everything else on the boat, unless you buy an Engel fridge. It is a stand alone icebox style unit, in several sizes, that can operate as a fridge or a freezer.
It consumes hardly any solar energy, perhaps 25 A-H a day from a solar system that generates 100 A-H a day.

You will need a space in the boat to put the unit. Mine is a 64 Qt and it is 31.1 ins long by 19.3 ins. high and 17.4 ins. deep. It weighs 85lbs! It has an MNRP of $1320 today. It is air cooled but doesn’t get very hot, so it can be in the main cabin without heating it up. I had mine in the forward cabin and it has been running for over two years, powered just by solar panels, and it just keeps on cooling stuff even when the temperature is 100 degrees outside. I can set it to make ice cubes - it will freeze a gallon of water overnight. But you can’t freeze and cool at the same time. It was too big for the space in my boat.

In the cockpit I have a cooler that will keep ice for a week, and will accept dry ice without damage. So I use this for ice because it is so nice to have really cold drinks at sea. The fridge is for vegetables, gluten-free bread etc. Eggs keep for four weeks even without refrigeration with a little care.

This YETI cooler keeps ice for four days. This is model Tundra 65 which holds 59 lbs of ice.
It fits in the cockpit and acts as a step up. Two straps hold it tightly. There is space between it and the bridge deck for the cockpit table top to stow safely. This YETI is a couple of inches shorter and narrower than the Engel 64 Qt fridge.

I could make ice in the Engel and re-load the YETI every four days and chip ice off for drinks.

Let’s see: suppose I made a 20 lb block of ice (2 gals or 8 qts) every two days for drinks and to preserve the veggies.

You know, if we were vegetarians, no meat to preserve, no dairy products ...

This 40 QT fridge/freezer (one or the other) is 25 ins long w/o handles and 30 ins long with them. It is 15.5 ins deep and 18.5 ins high. It weighs 48 lbs.
The MT27 is 21.2 x 12 x 18.2 h and holds 22 qts. This might squeeze in next to the A/C unit. It weighs 45 lbs