Charleston Bermuda Caribbean


CHS to Grenada

& back 3,000 nm

This was going to be my wife’s (black shirt) first sail ever. The first leg was 800 miles to Bermuda, and I wanted to pick the right weather so she wouldn’t be scared. We moved onto the boat In November and waited until May for a weather window!

Winds were light crossing the Gulf stream, but it was very rolly and we both were sick for three days. Then we hit a dead calm for two days, then thunderstorms for a day, and eventually were able to sail towards Bermuda and arrived late afternoon into St. George’s, anchored out and cleared customs the next morning and tied up to the wall, and slept like babies.

After a couple of weeks my wife wanted to stay longer but the Visa was for 21 days, so we got together with three other yachts and petitioned the government to allow us to stay longer. A story for later. We received six month visas and spent the summer anchored in St. Davids. We made some good friends and spent many days with them and their family.

In November we had to clear out for the British Virgins, and arrived in Virgin Gorda Marina for Christmas and met William Buckley Jr. who came aboard to look at the systems I had installed.

Then it was off to St. John for a month, then on to St. Martin, Bequia, Carriacou, and finally Grenada where we hung on the anchor for almost two years with short breaks back home. But this is a story of the boat, not the adventure.

We anchored in 20 feet of clear water on a sandy bottom in a bay near the village of Woburn.
That’s us half way down the page on the right. The opposite way round compared to everyone else as we were stern anchored. Prevailing breeze comes from the stern.
I put down three anchors, but only two were effectively buried. The winds came from Africa and blow constantly, though the force was moderated by the hills around us. But we had to build a wind break aft which was easy to do.
These friends are two artists who live aboard in Grenada.  The solar system provides a nice shade.

Now this is what we did after our return.


Grenada BWI 2002