Hurricane Tracks 2000 - 2010


Details for 2007 - 2010 on pages following. What is apparent is that early season hurricanes April through June are usually in the Gulf. The passage from Bermuda south to the Islands has a low probability of a hurricane or tropical storm. It is now June 11, 2014 and no hurricanes or storms in the Atlantic Basin. With good trade winds the trip time between Bermuda and St. Thomas in June should be only a week for our small yacht. Hurricanes are usually spotted  a week ahead, and even fast ones three or four days ahead. A small yacht can be 300 miles away in three days.

All we have to know is where will it be in relation to our planned waypoint, and then make changes to our course. With the prevailing Easterlies that will be to switch to a Northerly heading if the hurricane track is heading South of you according to the NWS forecasts, which are pretty accurate. Of course, we won’t travel in August and September as late season Hurricanes sometimes recurve into the Atlantic heading North.