About making pictures   - Technicolor by  Waeshael


Change Colors

I use Nikon Capture NX2 to adjust the colors using the LCH curves. I wanted to simulate the two color Technicolor process. The left image is the original, the right the Technicolor picture. The curves shown here are for the Hue only. There is another set for the Chroma. In the Technicolor two color process there are shades of Green-Cyan, and Red-Orange, but no yellow or blue. The yellows become a salmon color and the blues become cyan.


All the Technicolor films of the 40s were two color. The tones were warm, people’s complexions looked good. There were no garish yellows and blues to distract the viewer. Think of Gone with the Wind colors. Of course there were seldom any scenes of the sky, except when it was red.