Satellite Equipment Inmarsat

WiFi Internet For Satellite Data With Your IsatPhone Pro

SatStation IsatPhone dock affordable offers free, integrated WiFi capability - right from within the dock. Working with GMN's world-renowned XGate email service, you can connect to your IsatPhone Pro satellite feed with your iPhone, iPad, or iPod, Android devices (including tablets), and any laptop. All of this without any complicated wiring, network finagling, or driver installation. It's plug-and-play at it's most useful.

Why Use Satellite Email & Data?

XGate satellite phone email is the easy way to access email while on the water or in remote locations. XGate is simply the fastest, easiest and most reliable satellite phone email available, saving you time, money and frustration.
Read on to learn how XGate and the Optimizer satellite firewall and Wi-Fi hotspot work together to give you great satellite data services with your computer, tablet or smartphone.
Without XGate, satellite communication has a lot of hurdles: uncompressed email or web-browsing over slow data speeds means long wait times and expensive airtime bills.
Connecting your laptop, tablet, or smartphone up to a satellite data feed often requires complicated setups, drivers, and software. And getting satellite to work over Mac or Linux and some Windows systems is often impossible.
XGate and Optimizer work hand-in-hand to solve all these problems and deliver the perfect suite of satellite communication. All easy to use, all while saving up to 95% on valuable satellite airtime.
Your Devices – Small, Medium and Large

With the RedPort Optimizer, XGate is the world’s first satellite email system to work with the mobile devices you already use – from an iPod Touch or iPhone through Android and Apple iOS Tablets to any current Windows, Linux or Macintosh computer, XGate keeps you connected.

New Features Include:
  1. GSM support to switch between satellite and GSM when available

  2. USB 2.0 compatibility for greater functionality

  3. Much faster processor

RedPort Optimizer and XGate satellite email service work together to save you time and money - while connecting you to the people and information you need.
Simply connect Optimizer to your satellite phone or broadband terminal, and it will create a WiFi hotspot for your computer, tablet or smartphone. XGate satellite data service works with Optimizer to let you access accelerated email, web browsing, download your favorite weather files, or post to Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. Most importantly, you can avoid runaway satellite phone airtime bills thanks to its powerful firewall.
WiFi signal makes setup and use with compatible computers and tablets easy

  1. Firewall stops all unwanted data traffic

  2. Works with XGate for email, web, weather & social media services - with up to 85% savings on satellite airtime

  3. Track GPS locations from GPS-enabled satellite devices

  4. Improves performance of virtually all satellite phones and satellite broadband terminals

  5. $150 (this is part of the Dock so not needed.)


iPhone sat works with Mac computers and iPad (also Windows computers and Android)

Total Cost with external antenna around $1500

Airtime on inMarsat for 150KB/Sec service is $61.95 for 60 mins/mo to fixed phones + 0.70/minute over that. 12 month contract required. A prepaid card valid for 180 days gives 100 mins of airtime for only $100.

The X-gate satellite terminal reduces air time costs, but there is a charge for the compression of your e-mails etc. You can surf the web using compressed data (5x - 10x). E-mail 12 months $240.