My C&C 3/4T- built at Bruckmann’s Yard in Oakville, Ontario 1974

Still looking good in 2010, her 35th birthday getting  a new engine and a bit of polish. There was no need to repaint the topsides which still produced a shine.

Below C&C3/4T 1974


Old Polaroid Pictures from December 1974. Amazing that they still have their color after 42 years. Mine is a grey hull, not white. The red hull is another 3/4T in build. I wonder who got that one. Mine was hull #15 of 15 built, so that red one must be hull #14. Interior accommodation was different from yacht to yacht. I wanted two quarter-berths and a small galley sink. Some of them had one quarter berth and an L shaped galley. I opted for sail bins up forward rather than a V-berth as on some of them. And I had many more winches around the mast. I opted for more teak, custom folding table, teak seats, and all B&G instrumentation. Right image shows my hull with Yacht Red Jacket in background - in for refit.

I want to talk about the quality of Bruckmann built yachts. Erich Brukmann was the manager of the Custom division of C&C which was located in Oakville Ontario until 1980 approx.

I lived close by the Custom shop, and popped in every now and then to ogle the huge yachts being built for Herbert Von Karajan - a 61 footer, and another 61 footer for Graham Kerr, “The Galloping Gourmet” was his TV name. And here were built the Canadas Cup boats, 42 footers, Merrythought and Manitou. And many 51 footers, a 66 footer, and a cruising 61 footer, I think. But until 1973, they never built any boat small enough to be affordable. The smallest yacht that was built in any quantity was the C&C 43 Custom. It sold for $691,852 base boat in 2015 dollars.

I thought it had a beautiful hull and deck profile. The interior was designed to sleep an off-watch of at least four, so there were two pilot berths above the main cabin bunks, which reduced the locker storage space. The 43 is not a cruising boat. But Bruckmann has refit C&C 43 and the interiors are much better suited for cruising.

During the recession of 1973 -1975 no one had money to spend on large yachts and the industry was hard hit. In the Custom shop were skilled boat builders that could not be laid off without destroying the Custom business, so the yard agreed to build some small boats in the hope that people would be able to afford a custom boat, and so keep the craftsmen employed. As it was the recession lasted through 1975. Here is the GDP growth for the period - it was negative.

Of course these small yachts were still expensive costing less than half the C&C 43 but twice the price of my production C&C 35 of 1972. These semi- Custom 3/4T were built with the same materials and quality of the bigger yachts. Mine cost $317,000 in todays money. It looked just as nice as the 43.


C&C 43 1971