About making pictures   - Visoflex III and 5cm Elmar   by  Waeshael


Visoflex III with 50mm Elmar

It is possible to mount any M lens to the Visoflex III (and II) and this will allow the lens to close focus for macro work. You will have to mount it on a tripod because focussing is very touchy due to the shallow DOF, but you will be able to do real macro work.

The NEX-5 screen makes it easy to focus and of course you see exactly what the lens sees.

Here the 5cm Elmar has an adapter ring for fitting screw in filters as opposed to the clamp on filters that are hard to find. This lens has been in use on my cameras from IIIg to M6 over fifty years and it continues to make good pictures.

Photo taken with DMC-LC5

Visoflex III with 50mm Elmar

This pansy is only 1.5 inches across. I used f16 to get some DOF - the focal point is on the yellow stamen.

I had to fully collapse the lens in order to cover the entire flower. Focussing by dollying in/out the tripod with final adjustment of the focussing ring. The mag mode on teh NEX-5 made it easy to see what was in focus. Exp ISO 200 1/4 sec with daylight source (window.)  The colors were enhanced in Snapseed, then in CS using Lacquer filter.