Pictures of the hull

This is the hull after 37 years. Never needed painting above the water line.

No significant blisters. Cleans up well with a bit of polishing. Fantastic quality.

Note the narrow - wedge shape - entry, which makes it cut through a chop.

Picture from the Yard on John’s Island This refit cost about $15,000 in 2011.

The swept back keel has better lift. The ballast ratio is 50%. Boat has 5’6 draft. Deep spade rudder keeps the boat on track even with the spinnaker pulling hard. IT swivels 360 degrees and so alings itself with the current, and allows steering in reverse with precision.

As you can see the Fortress 37 anchor stows aft, and the windlass is here. The strain is taken by the bridle and not by the anchor roller which is there only to drop and lift the hook. This was by far the best idea on the boat, as the boat sits quietly in strong winds and does not yaw more than 2 degrees when at anchor. In a strong gale the boat is very docile and always points the stern into the wind. Anchoring off the stern reduces the anchor pull because the area projected into the wind is much less.

New engine - Atomic Four - installed 2011. Large access hatch in the cockpit floor which I cut in Hawaii, and built a proper hatch cover in Grenada
. Added a second fuel tank, replaced hoses.

Engine controls mounted up on the solar bridge, so I can see properly by standing up while maneuvering in a marina

A very beautiful hull - design by Rob Ball C&C yachts.

First rate materials by Erich Bruckmann’s yard in Oakville, Ontario.