About making pictures   - Pentax 110 50mm f2.8  by  Waeshael


Pentax-110 lenses

The 50mm has fall off - it is also f2.8. It is very soft at the edges, and there are color changes on the edges, so it is no good for landscapes. But is is very sharp in the center, and has low contrast, so it should be good for portraits. The color  faults can be corrected, but not the sharpness fall off. It is 75mm equivalent and f2.8 to boot. Even here the picture has a gentle feeling due to the lens.

If you could get one for $25, it would be worth it.

Pentax 110 50mm f2.8

Pentax 110 50mm f2.8

Marina Pentax 110 50mm on NEX-5 body