About making pictures   - Pentax 110 18mm f2.8  by  Waeshael


Pentax-110 lenses

I had a box set of Pentax 110 camera and lenses, including close up lenses and UV filters, even a motor drive, and was about to donate them to another photographer, when I saw that there was an adapter for the NEX-5 - there are dozens of adapters for NEX cameras. I bought this cheap adapter ($20) and took the 18mm lens out for a run. I had a really fun time shooting with it because of the Fauer finder. I made some really good shots, some posted on Leicaimages web site.  The lens is fixed at f 2.8 because the iris control was within the Pentax 110 camera body. I set the shutter to 1/4000 and just snapped a lot of stuff. I had to focus the lens even though it is an effective 27 mm. The colors were great, the focussing easy using the Fauer finder. You can focus on a dog’s whisker with this set up.

There is some fall off at the corners, a little better at 16:9 ratio than 3:2 as less of the sensor is being used, so the lens coverage matches it better. If you realize that the lens was designed for 110 size film, not APSC size, it is rather good.The lens quality is well known. These lenses are quite good for fun stuff, and no-one knows that they are 110 lenses. The 18 mm lens is almost as much fun as the 15 mm CSV

Pentax 110 18mm, and 50mm f2.8

Pentax 110 18mm f2.8

Daytona Beach, Fl Pentax 110 18mm f2.8

All shots at a fixed f 2.8

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