About making pictures   - Nikkor-H 50mm f2   by  Waeshael


Nikkor-H 50mm f2.0

This lens was a gift from my mother-in-law. Her husband had worked for Sears camera department in the 50’s and bought a Sears branded Leica IIIg look alike with this lens. It has a defect on the front element which probably was from a drop. It doesn’t seem to have any effect on the images.

On the NEX-5 Image quality is good. Here I increased the contrast to +3 on the NEX setup, and  +2 sharpness. There is no CA or shading with this lens. This shot of the masthead equipment on a yacht 300 feet away gives an idea of the lens sharpness. The lower image is at 100% zoom.

The lens focusses down to around 1.2 foot, so close-ups are possible (Leica Summicron and Elmars only focus to 3.5 feet in order to control the distortion.) Bokeh is not as good as a Summicron, but still quite pleasing.

Nikkor 50mm f2 rangefinder lens

Leica elmaNikkor 50mm f2

Nikkor 50mm f2 rangefinder lens