About making pictures   - Micro Nikkor 50mm f3.5   by  Waeshael


Micro Nikkor 50mm on NEX-5

The Adapter from Nikon (manual lenses) has a tripod mount on it, which helps to take the strain off the camera body as the lens is quite heavy. Focussing is a breeze because the lens glass is small diameter, and the helical focussing is a full turn of the lens, so you can focus it precisely, much easier than any other wide aperture 50mm lens. Great for close ups, of course, as the lens is optimized for macro work. The inset is 100% crop, sharpened a little. Shot at 1/5 sec ISO 800 with NEX set to Normal sharpness, normal contrast.

It makes a great walk around lens if you don’t mind the size of it, you can grab a shot and be sure that you focussed it dead on - no hunting around for the sharpest image.

But the lens has some funny characteristics for shots of diagonal objects (including text) at infinity. See the marina shots.

LeicaMicro Nikkor 50mm F 3.5

Micro Nikkor 50mm f3.5 - notice the moire pattern on the sloping bars of the ss pulpit

I don’t know what is causing this yet.


Micro Nikkor 50mm f3.5