About making pictures   - Summaron 35 f3.5  by  Waeshael


Summaron 35 mm f 3.5 1952 ($529 on E-Bay)

This is a very compact lens. Very little shading on NEX-5.

I don’t use it much because I have a Summicron 35 mm f 2.0, I prefer.

This is the 1948 design.  Performance is better than the Elmar with best results at f 8. Good fine detail on center, but falls off “in the field” as Erwin Puts says it. There is another version in 1956.

The aperture adjustment turns with the focussing, so the barrel has to held to make aperture adjustments.

This lens is in perfect condition.

Leica Summaron 35 f 3.5

NEX-5 ISO 200 f5.6

Settings VIVID +3 contrast, +3 sharpness