About making pictures   - Elmarit 28 f2.8  by  Waeshael


Elmarit 28 mm f 2.8

It has the FOV on the NEX APS-C bodies as a 42 mm lens. It has good contrast and is very sharp. Nice lens. I have a habit of jogging the focus when I change apertures, so have to check every shot after making a change.

The way to use the NEX-5R with manual lenses is to set the mode on “S” for speed, and the ISO to Auto ISO. The second dial will become the shutter control, so you can maually set both aperture (on the lens) and shutter speed by the dial. The camera will select  ISO to complement the aperture you have set. To make adjustments to brightness use exposure compensation. And of course you can adjust for contrast, sharpness, saturation to match the lens to the scene. It isn’t necessary to boost the contrast or sharpness in the camera for the Elmarit 28.

I use the Color Balancing Lens (CBL) for WB. This tool is like a white card except that it captures light from all around the subject, and the camera WB manual setting then balances all the various lighting the CBL sees. It is very good for all lighting, even flash fill. Colors are always richer, and there is less noise in the blue parts of the image, because I suppose that AWB usually increases the blue channel signal which has the most noise in it, as shadows tend to be bluish, also dark water.

Leica elmarit 28 mm f 2.8

Elmarit 28mm on NEX-5. Some PP for dramatic affect using flaming pear lacquer filter for CS.

Pictures of the elmarit made with dmc-lc5 camera. This camera has very natural colors - good cyans and reds. Used the on-board flash set at -2EV to fill in the shadows - nice balance with the daylight. I used the CBL tool to set the WB with the flash in use

CBL Color Balance Lens large size 110 mm is available at B&H Photo video for $104. Used by movie camermen to set WB.

Leica elmarit 28 mm f 2.8