About making pictures   - Elmar 50 f3.5  by  Waeshael


Elmar 50 mm f 3.5

I have held onto this lens since I began shooting with the leica IIIg. It has been on my M3, M2R, M4-2 and M6, and I have a lot of slides (unscanned) made with it. It performs well at f 5.6. Little flare, but a bit soft on the edges. Moderate contrast.

On the NEX-5 Image quality is good. Here I increased the contrast to +1 on the NEX setup, and  +2 sharpness. There is no CA or shading with this lens. It cannot be collapsed as it would probably touch the interior mechanism - I haven’t tried it. Otherwise it would make a good pocket camera. I added some tape to prevent it collapsing.

Leica elmar 50 collapsible f 3.5

Leica elmar 50 collapsible f 3.5

NEX-5 ISO 3200