About making pictures   - Hektor 13.5 cm f4.5   by  Waeshael


Hektor 135 at f5.6

This Hektor has a tripod screw socket on the lens. The beach scene was shot with vivid color , high contrast (+3) and hard sharpness (+3) which compensates for the soft contrast of the lens. Exposure was 1/1600 sec at probably f5.6. This Hektor 135 has a FOV of a 200 mm lens. The original shot was an 11.8 MP image at 16:9 format. On a tripod, or held against a fixed support (the balcony here,) at high speed, you can avoid camera shake. But it is hard to hand hold steady, as there is no anti-shake for non SONY lenses.

The bird shot was taken from 300 feet away, using a tripod. When I look at photos of boats I check the appearance of the stainless hardware, because many cameras mess up the texture of the steel. Here it looks real.

Hektor 13.5cm f4.5  on NEX-5