About making pictures   - Visoflex III and 5cm Elmar   by  Waeshael


Visoflex III with 50mm Elmar

This shot of a PRS Guitar - Paul Allender model - was daylight lit. I used f22 to get the DOF I wanted, which was easy to see on the camera display with the Fauer Finder which magnifies the 3” screen 3x to an equivalent 9” screen. After color processing in Snapseed (only a small adjustment was needed as the original colors were great,) I used the tilt-shift filter to blur the top and bottom of the picture.

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Visoflex III with 50mm Elmar

This was the set-up.You can see that the collapsible tube on the Elmar 50mm f3.5 lens was fully retracted into the Viso  III housing. This allowed me to get within a few inches of the guitar neck, and about six inches from the pickup. The FOV was that of a 75mm lens.

Photo taken with Nex-5 and Micro-Nikkor 55mm lens.