About making pictures   - The OBSOLETE Fauer Finder  by  Waeshael


fauer finder

This finder makes the experience of shooting with these manual focus lenses a joy. The finder magnifies the 3” screen x3, so that the image size is enormous - about equivalent to a 51” TV at normal viewing distance. The screen is almost 1MP, so the detail is high. You can watch the image change in real time as you adjust the exposure; WB, film type, contrast, saturation, sharpness to suit the scene. Unlike every other display, the SONY display mimics the actual result you will see on your monitor.

The finder was developed for a film director who uses the NEX-5 along with the actual cine lens to see how the scene will look to his cine camera. 

What is so good is that you can immediately tell if the tones of the scene are being captured properly. If the luminance of the scene is too great, just dial down the contrast setting and watch the histogram until the shadows are filled and the highlights not burnt out. If that doesn’t do it, put on a low contrast lens, like the 50mm Summarit and see if the contrast is controlled. Exact framing is a doddle. Since the scene in the finder is enormous - effectively 9 inches wide, you can see every detail. The image is much brighter than an SLR image and much bigger. In low lighting it is wonderfully bright, reflecting a proper exposure scene luminance. This finder is so important that I have bought a second NEX-5 camera, and a second finder.

The finder is nicely machined and anodized and is a very tight fit. It has a screw socket for a tripod. The knurled red screws allow for quickly removing the hood if you are in a studio setting and want to tilt the screen.

The finder was made by IDC photo video but is discontinued. Now you can cobble one up for the later NEX cameras that have a flat bottom using the hoodman with a mount for Canon and add a spacer. Gip has done this for his A6000.

Elmarit 28mm f2.8 with Fauer finder

Fauer Finder

Mount and Hoodman

Telyt 400mm f 5.0 with Visoflex III

Micro-Nikkor 55mm

Micro-Nikkor 55mm showing tripod mount on the adapter