About making pictures   - the wa adapter  by  Waeshael


DMC-LC5 WA Adapter

This lens brings the FOV to 28 mm equivalent from the 35 mm at the WA setting of the zoom  . It is very rugged and heavy metal lens with good optical qualities. It was made for both the DMC-LC5/ DMC-LC40 and Leica Digilux 1 camera, but it was never listed as a Leica accessory, and was branded Panasonic. I tried it with a polarizing filter which mounts between the camera adapter and the WA lens, and there was some vignetting at the corners which I crop out or adjust. The polarizer allowed me to shoot at f 5.6 in sunlight at 1/1000 sec, otherwise even at f 8 (minimum aperture) and 1/1000 sec the highlights would have burnt out.

Search for Panasonic DMW-LW52, 0.8x Wide Conversion Lens for DMC-LC5 and DMC-LC40 Digital Cameras DMWLW52 on the WEB.

I found a source Feb 2015 at


for $149 used and in stock. You will need the adapter ring DMW LA1(a tube) which is readily available on the WEB.

DMC-LC5 with 28mm Wide angle adapter and 28mm Leica viewfinder . You don’t need the viewfinder if you use only the display, but in bright light it is very dim. The built in optical finder is cut off by the lens. If you zoom, then you have to go back to using the display.

You cup the lens adapter ring in your left hand to support the weight. it balances nicely. The viewfinder i have is the leica 28mm but there is a voiglander 28 mm VF that is $210 at cameraquest.com