About making pictures   - Dmz-fz1   by  Waeshael


DMC-FZ1 2MP camera

Just to show you what can be done with a small sensor camera. This Panasonic camera from 2000 has a Leica 12 x zoom lens that is f2.8 at 35mm and f2.8 at an effective focal length of 420 mm. Can you imagine how much a 420 mm lens f 2.8 would cost for a full frame camera?

At B&H today a Canon 400 mm f 2.8 is $11,000 and a Nikon $9,000 .

It is a 2MP image max. Here is a crop of the 2MP image at 100%.

Why is it so good? Apart from the subjects?

I opened the JPEG file in SIlkypix Studio 4. Adjusted for skin tone using the skin tone dropper, selected sharpening for noise suppression priority. Developed as a JPG at maximum quality.

Silkypix converts old JPEG images to a form of RAW and rebuilds the picture to remove most of the JPEG compression artifacts that the camera put in when it saved the image to the SD card.

When you develop the picture in Silkypix you get a smoother (more silky) image than the original. Compared with the original the tone and color is better. Any false colors (reds especially) were removed (these appeared in the hair, and in the shadows behind. The burnt out highlights of the original JPEG (whitest part of the dog’s fur) were toned down automatically as the JPEG was rebuilt to the RAW.

The FZ20 has the same lens and a bigger 1/2.5 inch 5MP sensor. It shoots TIFF as well as JPG. So does the FZ5 (but not the FZ1)

Panasonic FZ1 camera with Leica dc vario elmarit f 2.8 12 x zoom f 2.8 at max zoom also.

Sensor 1/3.2 2MP CCD, ISO 50