About making pictures   - CSV 15 mm f4.5  by  Waeshael


Cosina Voigtlander lens

The 15 mm CSV has outstanding detail. Ken Rockwell (Kenrockwell.com) says that the 15mm CSV is as good as the 21mm Super Angulon which is 10 x the price. The 15 mm gives a FOV the same as a 22 mm lens on a full frame camera. This lens has no distortion.

On the NEX-5 you can see some discoloration in the corners where the sky and grass has become a bit pink. The camera can’t correct for a lens it doesn’t even recognize. This discoloration can be cleaned up in PP.

This lens draws pictures that are quite different to the Leica lens, there is more of a bite to the picture. The original is even sharper and more detailed.

CSV 15mm  f4.5

CSV 15 mm Heliar

Deerfield Beach - 25% scaling.