Bow stowage

Up fwd of the heads is a storage area which is used for tools at the dock. The extreme bow section is a watertight compartment foam filled with a strong anti collision strut from the bow back to the most forward bulkhead. If I hit something the load would be transferred to the bulkhead rather than push in the fiberglass hull (I hope) and it there was a hole the foam block filling would reduce the weight of water in the bow.

Adt of that bulkhead are two neoprene flexible  water tanks. They fill by a hose and filtration attachment like campers use. The filler pipe is on the inside. To use that water I hook up a hose and pump it to the main tank in the galley. Originally water tankage was 20 gallons and I used jerry jugs for another 10 gallons. Now I have 3 x 14 gallon tanks (42 gallons) which is good for a month for two people at sea. We catch rain water for washing . 

There is space here for sails and a refrigerator to stbd.  I also store the deflated dinghy and motor here when away for a long time. I try to keep weight out of the bow area so the boat rises easily to waves when going to weather. There are no anchors, no chain here. The forepeak is actually sealed and filled with foam blocks.

On deck are two large hatches which makes this area light and airy.

The heads is under the hatch and since the yacht is stern anchored, any bad smells are quickly wafted out of the fwd hatch away from the main salon, and blown over the bow down wind.