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I have managed to find Leica lenses in private sales for much less than EBay prices. And I was able to inspect them. The longer lenses are not wanted by Leica M camera buffs, because the viewfinder images are so small. The 135 mm lens image in the brightline finder is about 1/2 inch wide. But when you use the Fauer finder on the NEX-5, the image you see is the equivalent of a 51” television at normal viewing distance!

Long lenses - the 90 and 135, can be bought for under $100. And these are very high quality lenses. And usually in good condition because the owners hardly used them.

The 90mm is wonderful because it focusses down to 3.5 feet, and since this is the equivalent of a 135mm lens on a full frame camera, you can do macro work of flowers. The DOF is very shallow at f4 so the background goes smoothly OOF. The lens is so small, it is almost hidden in my hand. The coating is perfect and the lens has no flaws.

The 135mm (200mm equivalent) has a tripod socket on the lens, so that there is no strain on the body at all, which actually hangs on the lens.

Elmarit 28mm f2.8

Summaron 35mm f 3.5

Summicron 35mm f 2.0

Summarit 50mm f1.5

Elmar 90mm f4

Hektor 135 mm f 4.5

The 28mm Elmarit is renowned for its image quality. It is very sharp and high contrast. Great to walk around with, but not very exciting to use as everything is so predictable - a good image every time. Used pre- Aspheric lenses can be found from $1400 to $1800. New $2200.

The little 35mm Summaron is a good lens except that at the corners of the image there is some softness. Not a big problem except for architecture. It is peculiar in that the aperture ring rotates with the focus ring and you have to hold the focus ring to reset the aperture. It sells for between $600 and $800 on E-Bay. I got it for a lot less, and I would suggest a 50mm would be more useful.

Summarit 50mm f1.5

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