About Fuji S100fs bridge camera of 2008   by  Waeshael


Why discuss this old camera?

It is one of those happy designs that does everything right. Great Lens and great sensor design. It uses the Fuji Super CCD HR (high resolution) with five elements per photosite. They are set in such a pattern that the space between elements are much tighter than on a Bayer design sensor. The demosaicing process calculates the pixel data from two viewpoints, hence it can produce twice the number of image pixels. The specification is for an 11 MP camera, but it produces 22MP images using either the finepix studio software or the SIlkypix 4.0 - 6.0 software. But LR and PS, DXO and Iridient software can’t produce the 22MP images, because the Fuji demosaicing algorithms are proprietary. Only SIlkypix has been licensed by Fuji to properly demosaic the files.

The Top end Fuji cameras (DSLR) all used Super CCD at one time. The newer cameras from Fuji use the Super CCD suffixed EXR.

The s100fs

This bridge camera was introduced in 2008 for $750. Apr 22 2015: the only one for sale in good condition for $250 starting bid on EBay. Owners are hanging onto their S100fs, so there must be something special about it, don’t you think?

It is called “The Legend” in Fuji discussion groups, and the comments are all very positive. Compare this to the on-line criticism of new cameras made by Fuji and others. This camera uses the Super CCD HR sensor.

This camera and its lens are outstanding. I am always amazed by the color and detail in the images. It will produce beautiful images - comparable with the best of todays cameras. And it is very quick and very quiet (silent in fact.)

It has four film simulations (hence the fs at the end of the name,) Provia, Velvia, Portrait and Soft.  Fuji cameras are known for rich color in their images. To get the best out of the camera you need to shoot RAW. This produces a 22MP image (the JPGS are 11 MP). But you have to do the conversion with Fujifilm STudio (part of the finepix viewer package that comes with the camera disc.) I use finepix Studio version 3.6.4 on a Mac running Snow Leopard (10,6,8.) It won’t run under Lion or later because this is a PPC application. There is no later version of this software. Fuji now uses SIlkypix to demosaic RAF files, but SIlkypix doesn’t quite match up to Finepix Studio. See this press release on the sensor design:

The original Super CCD sensor in 1999, had the pixel size of 2.7µm. FujiFilm Microdevices manufactured the chip in its Sendai, Japan, fab, using a 0.35µm, two-metal, double-polysilicon process, using p-wells in an n-substrate. The die size is 7.7 x 9.0 mm (69.3 mm2).

PDF Brochure on Super CCDAboutS100fs_files/fuji-superccd.pdf