About Fuji F50fd compact camera of 2007   by  Waeshael


The F50fd

This compact camera was introduced in 2007 for $250. It has a 12MP Super CCD VII sensor. Lens is f2.8 wide open. Image stabilization is by CCD shift. It will macro focus to 5cm. Images can be also captured as Vivid and B&W.

If I keep the camera cool, it will make good ISO 1600 pictures. Learn about keeping your compact camera cool.

Here is a Fuji F50 fd High ISO Techniquesweb.pdf with this camera.

See the FS100fs pages previously to see the sensor design.

If you search the discussion groups for this camera you will read a lot of negative comments comparing it with the F30, which was the earlier Super CCD design with much larger photo sites, and so lower noise levels, apparently. But if you shoot this camera in the 3.1MP resolution you will be able to get great high ISO pictures. The camera sensor quickly warms up in heavy usage and you have to keep the camera body cool to keep noise low. In normal use at low ISO the quality of the pictures are very good at maximum resolution.

Here is the 3.1 MP capture in JPG. It shows the macro capability and the quality that can be achieved at ISO 800 by selecting the 3MP resolution. Picture is shown at 50% of actual.